Free DigiByte

Rules of website
If you run into a problem, you should read this section first before contacting us. Admin email:
  • Deposit
    If you want to deposit something into your account, go to the profile section and send DigiByte to this address. Deposits can take some time depending on your network’s fee.
  • Change withdraw address
    If you want to change your withdraw address, Go to your profile section and change your address. After changing your address in your profile section, we will send a confirmation email to you. You must confirm the change of address otherwise your withdraw address will remain the same address as it was before submitting a new one.
  • Withdraw process time
    If you have submitted a withdraw in our website, the withdraw may take some time before its authorized. We cannot tell you a time frame because it depends on the time you submitted your withdraw.
  • Problem with withdraw
    Before requesting a withdraw, Be sure to check you have enough balance to withdraw. And don’t forget there is a network fee, that is not included in the payment. Or if you see, “We have encountered some problems, please wait a few minutes” It means we have some problem with out payment gateway. Don’t worry, your funds are secured and we will fix it as soon as possible. Or if you see “Your address is not valid, change it in profile settings” Don’t worry, it just means that your withdraw address is not in the correct format.
  • Referral earnings
    Referral earnings are automatically added to your main balance. it is simple when your referral makes a free roll, you will automatically earn a portion of its value. it is automatically added to your account.
  • Reset my password
    If you have forgotten your password, go to login page and click “forgot password” After click Forgot Password you will be asked to enter your email address. Enter your email address that was used to register your account. We will send you an instruction to this email.